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...from the County Express March 1940

Amblecote possesses public air raid shelters to accommodate one fifth of its population, besides the many Anderson devices which are being delivered to private householders.

The ‘very satisfactory’ report of the Air Raid Precaution Committee presented by Cllr. J.H. Hyde to the monthly meeting of the Amblecote Urban District Council on Monday evening revealed the basement shelters in Hill Street, Collis Street and 116 Brettell Lane accomodating 240 people were practically completed and two trench shelters large enough to accommodate another 100 were awaiting delivery and accumulators for lighting and the laying on of water. They would then be fully equiped. The Auxilary Fire service total personnel had now reached 28. Equipment and machines, one trailer pump supplied, and canvas buckets, ropes, ladders etc. arriving daily. Black out shutters fitted to premises and wireing for electrical lights in the pump room. Public shelters in Amblecote had been misused. Consequently light doors had been fitted and these were locked.

James Morgan told the Society that when he demolished the school and houses in Hill Street (opposite Darby’s bakery), the air raid shelter was exposed.