Amblecote 20th Century

1901 - 2016

The advent of the 20th Century belied the changes that were in store over the decades to come. Although the death of Queen Victoria, after 64 years on the throne, heralded psychologically at least, a 'new era' in Britain, little immediate change occurred in Amblecote itself. However, by Christmas 1914 war had turned the world up-side-down and by November 1918 irrevocably altered it forever. The period of the first half of the 20th century was marked by global, mechanised warfare and Amblecote bore its share in terms of both human lives lost and economic upheaval. By the end of the Second World War the industries of Amblecote were tired and worn out and despite a number of valiant efforts, finally succumbed to the dictates of the new global markets. Until, by the late century, they had all but ceased to exist. However, from the ashes(literally) of the old Amblecote a new entity arose as redundant land created by strip-mining the last of the high ground coal was used to create a vast area of private housing. Sadly, political changes through the amalgamation of first Amblecote into Stourbridge and Brierley Hill, and then these into 'Dudley'; and the now threatened merger of even this with Birmingham, have dimiished Amblecote's former civic status. However, a modern local pride in everything Black Country has emerged over the last decade, creating a renewed interest in the areas past; and a desire to protect it into the future.